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Get to Know Me
and My Approach


A B O U T  M E

Celeste Amato, M.A., LMFT

​My practice is predominantly focused on working with individuals and couples who are going through life transitions. I have a special interest in working with clients who are struggling with perinatal and postpartum mental health and also with individuals and couples who are experiencing or have been fighting infertility or pregnancy loss. During pregnancy and young parenthood, many parents can have feelings of depression, anxiety, or have difficulties sleeping. We also know that couples who are facing infertility have been known to show similar symptoms. I know just how hard it can be to find perinatal and postpartum mental health services and that is why I offer these services via telehealth in WA State. I specialize in providing support and guidance for your family during these times, and in working together through a collaborative approach, I look forward to working with you individually or with your family.


Get to know Me

and My Approach

I'm so glad you're here.

Helping mothers is what I love to do. 

M Y  A P P R O A C H

Systemic, Collaborative, Wholehearted

As a systemic practitioner, I believe that because we all come from different walks of life, we all see and experience the world differently. I plan to work with you from the ground up; learning about what makes you unique, and encouraging and celebrating the differences between us. No two individuals are alike, and what that means to me is that each person will require a different set of tools in their toolbox for tackling their issues. I am eager to work with you and am committed to giving each individual and couple I work with the empathy, validation, and connection they need while providing them support, optimism, and joy along the way.

Mother and Daughter Love
Young Couple Expecting

R E A L  P R O G R E S S .  R E A L  R E S U L T S.

Your Journey to Self Growth

Coming to therapy might be a familiar experience, or it might be something new you are trying. We are constantly growing as individuals, and therapy is a wonderful place to explore how you can continue to reach new levels of self-growth. Going to therapy can be part of your self-care routine, and after you've started, you will begin to see your hard work pay off. It truly can be an eye-opening experience to see what happens when you take time each week (without distractions) to focus on you. 

Consistency is key when taking care of your mental health, and that means that real progress and results will happen when you continue to show up for you (yes, even on the hard days too.) I'm excited that you have made this commitment to yourself and to your mental health; let's get started.

Schedule Your Appointment 

During your intake session, we will discuss why you are interested in therapy and what goals you have. Intake sessions are provided via telehealth and can be scheduled below.   

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