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T R Y I N G  T O  C O N C E I V E

Infertility Challenges & Mental Health

The pain and grief of experiencing the loss of a pregnancy, infant, or child can have you and your partner feeling alone and lost in the world. This type of loss is one that comes with unbearable grief, and it can be difficult to reach out for support when you are navigating this season of life. Therapy during infertility struggles can help you, or you and your partner feel connected and supported while you go through perinatal or postpartum challenges.


Infertility challenges can have you feeling:


  • In a loss for "how things are supposed to work"

  • Isolation from friends, family, and community

  • Increased symptoms of depression

  • Loss of hope around treatments when they are unsuccessful

  • Increased vulnerability and stress on relationships and finances


Postpartum Support International

Holding Hands


Infertility & Loss


Infertility Challenges & Mental Health

Pregnancy Loss & PMADS

Hope & Faith

P E R I N A T A L  &  P O S T P A R T U M  

Pregnancy Loss & PMADS

Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders also can occur in people experiencing infertility and pregnancy loss. No matter where you are in your trying to conceive, perinatal, or postpartum journey, perinatal mood and anxiety disorders can begin to present at any stage. Studies have found that in women who experience pregnancy loss:

  • Mothers who experience a miscarriage are at an increased risk for anxiety (particularly PTSD and OCD)

  • Between 50% and 80% can become pregnant again

  • Women with a history of prenatal loss are consistently reported to exhibit significantly elevated rates of anxiety and depressive symptoms during a subsequent pregnancy (Blackmore, 2011)



Postpartum Support International

Blackmore, E.R., Côté-Arsenault, D, Tang, W, Glover, V, Evans, J, Golding, J, O'Connor, T.G.. Previous prenatal loss as a predictor of perinatal depression and anxiety. BR J Psychiatry. 2011 May: 198(5): 373-378. 

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H O P E  &  S U P P O R T

Your Fertility Journey 

Wherever you may be in your fertility journey, Hope can sometimes feel out of reach. It can be difficult to use the coping skills that may have worked at other points of your life due to the stress and loss surrounding you. I want you to know that therapy can be a way to find new connections, resources, and support while you work and process this journey.


I offer support and guidance for this part of parenthood and if you are considering getting support for your grief and loss, I am confident that therapy will not only help you begin to find Hope again but it will allow you to learn skills to strengthen your relationships and experience self-growth.

Schedule Your Appointment 

During your intake session, we will discuss why you are interested in therapy and what goals you have. Intake sessions are provided via telehealth and can be scheduled below.  

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